At PETROL ONE we are committed to international growth now and in the future. We’ve built a strong business model based on high quality products, and are positioned for growth and longevity for the foreseeable future.


As technology advances we strive to keep pace with all innovations which require complete understanding and the reasons for these changes. We’re constantly evolving and adapting our product lines to meet and exceed all industry requirements and standards.


Equipment manufacturers are being faced with more stringent environmental protocols, calling for reductions in harmful emissions. Texol oils and lubricants are engineered to keep pace with all current and future environmental standards being imposed by oils governing bodies.


PETROL ONE  incorporates the best methodologies to produce lubricants which define excellence. Our focus is to constantly improve on forever changing values of viscosities by researching the limitless possibilities of oil production and incorporating that knowledge into our products.





To deliver the best results, our unique formulations are developed using pre-inspected premium raw materials, quality additives and industry-leading technology. Our quality control team oversees every aspect of production to ensure that we consistently deliver excellence. Our state-of- the art and certified on-site laboratory is available for internal use and outside customers to test the quality of each of these variables in our oil and lubricants:




•   Cold crank


•   Pour point


•    Flash point


•   Additives levels


•   TBN


•   Moisture


•   Crackle test


•   Density/API gravity


•   Viscosity at 100 Cº


•   Viscosity at 40 Cº




We want our customers around the globe to know that we don’t just produce high quality oil and lubricants, but we foster a high quality level of customer service as well.


Our success is tied into our customers’ success, and we want all our customers to know we are here for them whenever and wherever they need us. The positive feedback we have been receiving from our growing network of customers provides motivation to continue advancing our dedication and service to our customers standards and needs. To us, service is more than just a word; it is a badge to be earned daily. It’s this mentality which allows us to build trusting, long-term relationships with our clients.


Efficiency is an integral part of our customer service mantra because we’re aware your business also relies on fast and accurate delivery


Your orders of PETROL ONE lubricants can be placed contacting our office.


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